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Title and Materials Associated Project Date

a round for rocks and stones

three-sceen security monitor, looping video various durations

Channels, Metre For Measure 2014.06.06, 2016.09.09 – 2016.09.29

National Park

HD Video 1hr Loop

Orb 2012.04.17 – 2012.05.11, 2015.05.28 – 2015.06.19

Whatapu RD

HD Video projection 17:58

In Hot Pursuit of Lost Time 2015.02.13 – 2015.03.07

Projects from the Caravan - WeakFORCE4

various projects and materials

WeakFORCE 2013.11.22 – 2013.12.20

International Artist Initiated: Wednesday Night Pottery Group


Group Projects, Unmaking, Channels 2014.07.18 – 2014.08.03

Drawings, Containers, Supports

wood, ceramic, steel, plaster, anti-foul paint, weed mat, duct tape, photocopy

Drawings, Containers, Supports 2013.10.09

Metre for Measure

CRT Monitors, Blue Rock vinyl flooring, chords, glass, soundscape altered daily, DVD Players, music stands

Metre for Measure 2014 – 2017, 2016.10.27 – 2016.10.29

Fort Cautley, June 2012

4x5 double exposure c-type print, 14’’ speakers and amp, CRT monitor, collected theories and conspiracies, projector, DVD players, extension cords and multipacks, HD film 8:21mins, HD film 15:20mins, sound recording 10:22mins

Fort Cautley 2012.07.23

Knowing Your Wrong

Main project page for the ongoing collaboration between Lucy Meyle and Ziggy Lever

Knowing Your Wrong 2014 – 2017

Unmaking w/ Philippa Emery 2013

clay, glass, cardboard, fabric, plaster, c-type digital print

Channels 2013.06.06 - 2013.06.26

Crystallising Universe

second hand grey carpet sourced in Frankton and installed upside-down, wood, foam, rubber, slide projector, data projector, three way security monitor, lundia shelving, audio text, bricks and other objects found at Brickbat Bay, steel, motors

Channels 2016.09.09 – 2016.09.29


Main project page

Channels 2013 – 2017

Brickbat Bay

wood, ceramic, steel, HD film 23:51mins, audio 15:26mins, speaker, projector

Channels 2013.05 – 2013.06

Driving Down Scott rd Looking for Weeds

HD video, 2:30

Channels 2015.01.24 – 2015.03.7, 2015.5.28 – 2016.6.19

Notes For Milton, Turner

altered piano stool, bedside table, seat/bed, prepared piano, recorded sound, c-type print, 8” Nails, moving image, subtitle text, drawings

Channels 2013.02.07 – 2013.03.02

two views on Scott rd (pears)

analogue colour print (diptych)

Channels 2015.11.25

Slow Ball

video projection 2:50 loop

Orb 2012.05.16

Floorboard Intervention

removed floorboard, video installation - 5min

Floorboard Intervention 2011.09.28 – 2011.10.1