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National Park

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Perception is a movement of time, between graspable and intangible forces acting upon (and being acted upon by) images.

The work National Park (The world is not flat, it is incredibly spiky) (2012 - re-titled 2014) takes its title from a tweet written during the transit of Venus. The text is a misquote of a response to an economist who writes that the increase of online marketplaces has ‘flattened’ the earth, allowing everybody the same footing and levelling the playing field of international trades. A graph was produced in response to this that shows extreme concentration of wealth in certain areas of the world, and that this inequality is a direct condition of western neoliberal thinking that portrays these ‘flat earth’ myths. The field of matter is spiky too, as it is impossible to experience everything available to us. Instead our perceptions are directed by undulating peaks and troughs between pure sensations and pure memories.

Shown at The Physics Room and RAMP gallery from the exhibition Thinking Feeling 2015 at The Physics Room in Christchurch and Ramp Gallery in Hamiton. Curated by Paula Booker.


as part of What about the bees? 2012 from the project Assembly at ST Paul st Gallery.

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National Park

National Park (installation view) as part of What about the bees from the project Assembly at ST Paul st Gallery 2012